Edd Holden
Manchester-based Open Format DJ, currently spins eclectic, party-infused club.
DJ Dawood
Producer | Artist | Songwriter | DJ
DJ Kimmi K
House Music DJ
Paddy Slater
Acoustic musician based in Ibiza.
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Depending on ‘whats on’ Beach House offers an array of experiences. From acoustic sounds to upbeat vibes, soulful house and more.


Saturday 1

sunDAY 2 | 1pm to 6pm

dj kim


saturday 8

sunday 9

friday 14

saturday 15

sunDAY 16 | 1pm to 6pm

dj kim

friday 21

saturday 22

sunday 23

saturday 29

sunDAY 30 | from 6pm

jade parr

DJ Dawood

David Dawood, the Open Format DJ , Producer, Songwriter and mix engineer whose beats have dominated the charts with numerous number 1 hits across the globe. With a remarkable career spanning two decades, David has left an indelible mark on the music industry, collaborating with Major labels such as Warner music, Universal, Armada, Spinnin Records, and more. 


Hailing from the city of Manchester, David’s journey began amidst the vibrant nightlife scene, where he honed his skills by spinning tunes across the city’s most iconic venues. From bustling restaurants to upscale bars and high-energy clubs, his versatility knows no bounds as he effortlessly takes charge of any event or venue, demonstrating confidence and an infectious energy across all genres.


But David’s musical prowess extends far beyond the DJ booth. As a sought-after producer, he has crafted hits that resonate with listeners worldwide, collaborating with industry heavyweights such as Wiley, Craig David, and DaBaby just to name a few. Now, David is poised to unveil his latest musical endeavor: Bonsai Effect, a cutting-edge house project. Teaming up with renowned German DJ Tujamo, their forthcoming release is slated to drop this summer. Brace yourselves for the next chapter in David Dawood’s musical journey.


House Music DJ whose aim is to share her passion for music and to translate it into an adventure at every set.

DJ edd

Edd Holden, a Manchester-based Open Format DJ, currently spins eclectic, party-infused club sets across the UK and internationally, gracing a variety of venues ranging from top West End nightspots to nomadic dining experiences.

With genres posing no obstacle, Edd consistently demonstrates his ability to command any event or venue with confidence and infectious energy, keeping guests dancing all night long.

With a track record of playing alongside industry legends such as MK, Rick Ross, and Snoop Dogg, to name just a few, Edd has solidified his status as a prominent name on the UK DJ circuit. In 2024, Edd’s booking agenda includes festival dates and high-profile corporate events with the likes of Matchroom Boxing and Sky Sports, while his residencies keep him constantly in demand.

Edd’s DJ sets are always evolving, ensuring the dance floor is perpetually in motion. With his passion and skill as an Open Format DJ, the sky’s the limit for where his dreams may take him. Anticipate major achievements from DJ Edd Holden in 2024!

Joe Glover

Joe Glover is a renowned DJ in the UK’s vibrant music scene, recognised for his deep passion for Deep House, Disco, and Ibiza classics. With a solid history of performances at iconic Liverpool venues like 24 Kitchen Street, Williamson Tunnels, and Meraki, Joe has consistently delivered captivating sets. Now, he brings his dynamic sound to the beautiful shores of Blackpool as the new resident DJ at Beach House.


As the new resident DJ, Joe Glover will enhance the Beach House experience with his carefully curated sets that blend modern digital tracks with the timeless charm of vinyl.

The Vinyl Experience

In an age where digital music prevails, Joe Glover’s vinyl sessions offer something unique. These performances pay tribute to the rich history of DJing, providing a tangible and nostalgic connection to the music. The distinct sound of vinyl, the crackle of the needle, and the tactile interaction with records create an atmosphere that digital formats simply cannot replicate.


When Joe spins vinyl, he takes the audience on a journey that blends the old with the new, showcasing his skill and deep appreciation for music. These sessions are a highlight for any music lover, offering a genuine and immersive experience.

If you’re into Deep House, Disco, or Ibiza classics, Joe Glover’s sets are not to be missed. Whether he’s playing digital tracks or spinning vinyl, Joe delivers music that keeps you dancing. Join us at Beach House Blackpool and enjoy the sounds of resident DJ Joe Glover.